Sastojci kozmetike od smilja

Immortelle has long been known in the Balkans as a plant that has a strong effect in the fight against skin aging. Hence, the choice fell on him to be the leading ingredient in our preparations.

Mediterranean shrub with yellow flowers that do not lose color and vein even after picking, "magic plant", "elixir of youth" is the shortest description of immortelle.

Quality oil obtained from its flower is used in cosmetics and medicine.

The regenerative and rejuvenating effect is mostly attributed to neryl acetate.

It contributes to the stimulation of the skin, which has the effect of:

- tightening sagging skin

- collagen production

- prevention of clogged pores

- elimination of freckles

- improving microcirculation

and acts strongly against free radicals by detoxifying.
In our products, immortelle oil is combined with almond, calendula, St. John's wort, olive, carrot,grape and apricot seeds and wheat germ oil.

In addition to the listed oils, the ingredients of our creams are vitamins C, E, panthenol and hyaluronic acid.

Only in this synergy does your skin receive complete care and protection.

Our preparations are pleasing to your skin, giving it a love that quickly becomes mutual.

Immortelle is happiness that spreads!