Obtaining immortelle essential oil?

Immortelle essential oil is obtained through the distillation process. The material for distillation is the aerial part of the flowering plant (herb). The distillation process should be done no later than 24 hours from the moment of picking, so that the yield is the best and highest.

There are different sizes of stills for distillation, and it starts by placing the immortelle in it on a perforated cartridge with water underneath.

Heating the water releases steam that extracts the essential oil. The resulting mixture is condensed and poured into the condenser. essential oil, together with water, is poured into a Florentine bottle. The oil, as it is lighter, stands out on the surface of the water. As a side product in the process of essential oil production, a hydrolat or aromatic water (Aqua aromatica) is separated, which is of the highest quality in the first fraction, 15 minutes after the start of distillation.

The duration of distillation depends on the volume of the boiler. For example, in a boiler with a volume of 2000 l, the distillation process takes 3 hours.