Preparation of immortelle maceration in olive oil?

The main ingredient of our products is this macerate. We prepare it ourselves in our laboratory. Macerate of immortelle in olive oil is a preparation obtained after a long standing of the plant material in cold-pressed oil at room temperature.

Ingredients needed to make:

*sterilized glass container with a lid

*plant material - immortelle flower, fresh or dried

*high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil


Fill a clean glass container with flowers almost to the top. Then pour olive oil to cover the herb. wait for the oil to penetrate the plant material and stir the mixture with a spatula. Close the container well and put it in a warm place, but not directly in the light. After 45 days, strain the oil through a thick layer of cheesecloth and squeeze it well from the plant material. wait for some time for the sediment to settle, if there is any, then pour off the clear oil.

The obtained golden liquid has an inestimable value, it is a real balm for the skin. It can be used independently, but it achieves its true value in synergy with other ingredients in our products.